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A - Z support throughout the entire publishing process. Editing by professionals, specifically educated, members of Editors Association of Canada - helping to make your book the best it can be!

Our professional Illustrators create the visuals for your setting, characters, and story. Designers expertly layout out your book cover and pages for best readability and smooth sailing at production.

Printed or electronic, produce your book efficiently, economically, with short runs right here in Canada! Or ask us about POD options.

Strategies for reaching your audience, news releases, influencers, events - online and off-line - planning for implementation, and ongoing inspiration and guidance!


TRIMATRIX offers a variety of options to consider when self-publishing,
or mix and match services to best suit your needs!


Looking to start a new custom book project?
Our knowledgeable team will handle all the details for you from registration, editing and design, to book production in multiple formats and more!

Find out how to connect with a Project Manager and move through the publication process and beyond!

Online Workshops


Want to understand and navigate book publishing and marketing?  Learn how to do‐it‐yourself through our BEL Learning™ platform, offering online workshops, with downloadable tools, templates and expert support.


At TRIMATRIX, it’s not just about books – it’s about people.  Every project is a unique opportunity for us to be part of an author’s excitement and accomplishment.

"The book is awesome looking. Thanks for's like an early Christmas! Looking forward to getting more books for our authors/members to continue their brisk sales."

Speakers Think Tank

Big Ideas for the Big Stage

"I've worked with other self-publisher companies but what has kept me loyal to TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is the quality of the finished product, their caring people, responsive service and range of expertise in doing what they do"

John R. Christensen

A Promising Wind | Drops of Jupiter | Life-Changing Illuminati

"Concise hands-on flexible team that knows how to guide decisions and get things done....and they’re miracle workers when it comes to special requests. And if you know how nit picky I am about details ... that’s a huge vote of confidence!!! Appreciate all your great work team."

Olga M. Dey-Bergmoser Thompson (along with Onita & Alexia)


"The books look great! Thanks for all your help. Let the speaking engagements begin."

Bradley Hamilton

Engageonomics, Harnessing the Power of Engaged Employees