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3 Benefits of Writing With & For Children in Canada

Children are immensely creative and love to act out their own stories all the time. Creating an authoring environment for your children, particularly while they are off school, is an ideal way to stimulate your children’s minds and demonstrate what they can achieve when they apply effort to their creativity. You have the opportunity of making a difference in a child’s life by helping them work on their own story or work together with other family members to create a story. Then, if you like, publish their work by making a book at home.
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A Fun Activity

Creating a book with your kids is a fun activity for parents and children alike. You’ll have a blast engaging their creative mind and your children will enjoy sharing their stories with you. It’s a great way to combine quality family time with education and inspiration. A fun activity for the whole family, creating your family’s very own children’s book will leave you with memories that will be fun to revisit. Best of all, you can even create your own book. Check it out our article on Writing With Your Children to find out more about #GetKidsWriting templates and download the FREE booklet with ideas.

A Source of Inspiration

While you’re having fun developing your child’s imagination why not you unleash your own talent and consider writing a children’s book? It’s the perfect moment to lead by example to show your kids how fun writing can be plus you most likely have wonderful stories inside you waiting to be told! It’s very easy to get started and we’ll be happy to support you on your journey. You can check out our free guide to help you get started: Tips for writing imaginative children’s books. If you’d like more support, sign up for our children’s book author workshop and develop your skills – Write & Publish Your Illustrated Children’s Book! Or, have a look at the other online workshops available, starting at just $25. Once you get started you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t get started sooner!

Take Advantage of Your Spare Time

Now is the time to pursue the passions that you may not have had the time to explore before. Writing is the perfect in-home activity that sets your mind free and also the minds of others. Take advantage of this opportunity to express yourself and allow your creativity to flow. If you need help or assistance in writing a children’s book, we invite you to reach out to our exceptional consultants here at Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc.


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