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3 Benefits of Self Publishing in Canada

There has never been a better time for self-publishing Canada wide than right now. Trending in popularity, publishing your own work has now become just as main stream and respected as traditional publishing. Best of all you maintain all the control from content to marketing. That being said, self-publishing Canada can be a little confusing sometimes, particularly for first-time authors. Here are some steps to guide you on your way.

Creative and Deadline Control

Whether you choose to outline your book before your begin writing or just dive right in with the first draft, you maintain all creative control. You set your own deadlines, and if you want to spend more time developing your characters’ back stories there won’t be an agent or publishing house breathing down your neck telling you to hurry up. If you want some mentorship or guidance along the way you can reach out to one of many self-publishing services Canada has to offer, like Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc.

Bigger Financial Rewards

Along with taking most of the control comes the advantage of receiving a larger share of the financial rewards. Traditional publishing houses often take a large cut for marketing your book in addition to publishing it. You have the opportunity to select more economical ways of marketing which are often more effective. You can invest in your marketing on your schedule instead of the schedule set for you by the publishing company.

Choosing Your Own Team

As a self-publishing author, if you need help or guidance at any point along the way from your drafted manuscript to your book cover and page design and/or production in multiple formats,  – you have the ability to contract with your choice of experts.  Whether you choose to rely on a friend of the family or a professional consultant you can receive as much or as little help as you feel you need. Even your editing can be completely under your control compared to traditional publishing where your editor may change your work in ways you would prefer they didn’t.

Self-Publishing Toronto

If you need assistance at any point in your self publishing journey feel free to reach out to the Canadian book publishing experts here at Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc. Whether you are looking for hands-on custom support throughout your project, a little help at a certain stage or some coaching along the way, we are here for you. If you are into doing it yourself, checkout our online workshops, starting at just $25, and take advantage of the current promotion regarding our children’s book workshop, offering a $200 discount – tutorials, tools and templates, and expert support to answer your specific questions.


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