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3 Reasons To Publish Books Authored by Public Speakers

If you’re a passionate public speaker the odds are pretty good that you’ve amassed a large amount of content to deliver your exceptional speeches. Now is the time to consider becoming a self-published public speaker. A published public speaker has increased value as well as a potential to achieve higher earnings. Explore these three reasons to publish your book – differentiate yourself as a public speaker and discover the value having a book can offer you!

1. Book Ready Content

All the content you’ve accumulated while public speaking can be translated into book form far quicker than you might imagine. From the text on your slides and handouts to infographics, all of your content can be easily formatted into a book layout for optimal readability as well as production. You’ve already done the hard work of researching and gathering material, transforming it into a published book will be quick and easy.

2. An Added Revenue Stream

Your published book can provide you with an income stream that is highly beneficial for the times when you are not actively speaking in-person. It’s wise to have more than one source of income to depend on especially when there’s so many reasons you may not be able to speak in-person. From the currently present pandemic to inclement weather conditions, your ability to travel, speak, and earn an income can be impacted at any time.

3. Exposure and Additional Events

Having a book published makes you a more attractive public speaker than one without. Whether you’re speaking online or in-person, having a published book will increase your value making you more in demand. Publishing a book also generates its own exposure and potential for more speaking engagements. Your published book allows you to reach a new audience of readers who many not have known about you previously.

Public Speaking Authoring

If you’re a public speaker who’s considering becoming an author, reach out to the professional public speaker book publishing company TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. You can also take advantage of their three options for support to help you in the way you prefer: online workshops, book design studio offering quick style alternatives, or custom hands-on assistance every step of the way. As experienced book publishing experts they can guide you as much or as little as you like in all aspects of self-publishing while you publish your book as a public speaker.


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