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Interview with author Paulette Dantzer

Paulette with booksWhenever I am asked where my inspiration comes from, I always have the same answer – my grandchildren!

Both of my books – Brand New Mandy and We Love You, Mrs.McCorkle were born out of observations and discussions I have had involving my grandchildren.

In Brand New Mandy, young Aaron is talking to his newborn sister Mandy, sharing with her how he is going to help her navigate through her new world. This book, in rhyme, is small, but it carries a big message, and came to me out of a belief that children are capable of teaching each other. (Some schools have incorporated this into primary programs regarding family areas of study. And, of course, four of the characters take on the names of my four grandchildren.)

McCorkle book pagesWhat makes your story impactful?

In We Love You, Mrs. McCorkle, a chapter book that although starts with the story of daily life in an elementary school – watch out! To get kids engaged, you need to shake things up. A contest, a robot, an energetic Grade Four class and a beloved human teacher… with colourful illustrations and student adventures, which come from thinking about children’s love of learning if embedded in an exciting tale. Amid making students lives exciting and different, I interspersed learning opportunities.

BTW – Symbols, twenty of them that you’ll see among the chapters, are all hand-drawn, courtesy of my grand daughter. All the children’s handwritten notes in the story are done by two of my grandsons. My youngest grandson had the important job of sharing what an elementary school’s routine involves.

Each book was a family affair. The ideas for both my books sprang from a love of family, teaching, and a belief that children are a true source of positive power in this world.

Paulette attended The Word On The Street Toronto and was interviewed there as well.

Have fun enjoying this short book trailer:


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