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5 Keys to Publishing Professionally

Although we have talked about what makes for a professional publication in past posts, the question on why and how keeps coming up. See new infographic below.

Why it is so important is that the big sellers you hear about are sold not just because people know about them but because they are quality from content to production (just like a traditional publisher with a whole team would produce). Self-publishers need to think like actual publishers.

Respected authors are authors of credible works. For example, self-publishers can become members of such as The Writers’ Union of Canada. But you will see there are only so many members. Authors have to apply. And, applications are carefully reviewed:

  • self-published books must successfully demonstrate commercial intent and professionalism
  • every application must pass before the Union’s membership committee for approval
  • the process includes a peer review assessment that considers evidence of professional editing, cover design, and layout
  • the application also asks about marketing plan including distribution, online presence, social media, community involvement, news outreach (these days this isn’t necessarily newspapers on- or off-line but also influential blogs and other publications)

Besides the marketing plan, which we talk about in another article, the 5 keys we showcase here can make the difference in publishing professionally – having a credible, quality book – and therefore, being a truly ‘published’ respected author (elevating self-publishers to the level of professional book publications consistent with top-tier traditional publishers).

If you need help... We know Canadian authors want to create, so when it comes to all the structure of organizing a book publication it is easy to procrastinate, or not know where/how to start. We’ve got you covered! Contact us to discuss hands-on, personal support for your custom project (we’ll guide you and our professional team will do the edit, design and publication work for you, based on flat fees) and/or check out our quick and easy BEL Learning Publications online workshops – to get information, encouragement and support … keeping you on track and motivated!!

image of workshop title slides for: self-directed tutorials


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