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5 Reasons Online Learning Works

What’s holding you back from self-publishing or marketing your book? For most of our clients, what stopped them (before working with us of course!), was a lack of understanding about the process.

That’s why we created our online learning platform and courses. We recognized the need for accessible, on-demand learning that had real value and expert support for aspiring authors. So, we created our dream platform!

In it, we’ve included all of the tips, tools, downloads, and support we want first-time authors to have access to in order to make their book publishing journey a success.

Here’s why we love our online learning platform, and why we’re sure it will work for you as well.

It’s cost-effective

If you’re a first-time author, it can sometimes feel scary to invest in support. You might find yourself instead Googling your questions every day, spending hours reading a ton of blogs, and looking for all the free resources out there because you simply can’t justify getting 1:1 support for your book, or returning to school for a lengthy school program at a college or university.

We get it, working with first-time authors our priority is always finding a solution that works within their budget. However, free resources simply won’t give you the same step-by-step process and support that working with a team would. Plus, it can be frustrating to try and piece everything together!

Online learning provides the perfect middle-ground. Our tutorials give you the complete road map for self-publishing your book, and the systems are tried and true — we’ve been helping authors self-publish their books for literally decades!

The courses combine valuable knowledge from our entire team: professional publication and project managers, editors, designers, production teams, and tech teams. Plus, these experts are accessible to you when you become a member — providing helpful advice and answers to member questions.

The cost? You can become a BEL Learning Member for as little as $25* to kick start the adventure of publishing your book!

It offers more location flexibility

Many of us shifted to working from home when COVID hit, and whether you’re still working from home or not, we can all agree that there are huge benefits that working (or learning) from home offers you!

The element of flexibility and self-care that online learning offers is really unmatched. Learn without the stress of commuting and sitting in traffic, dragging yourself out of bed when you’re under the weather, or having to miss a class when your child care cancels on you.

Plus, if you’re still leery about being in public spaces due to COVID, and are working to keep your distance (which we appreciate!), you don’t have to worry about leaving your house or your social bubble to learn.

Instead, all you need to participate in an online course is an internet connection and a device to join on. Take your next module from the comfort of your desk, favourite chair, or out on the balcony. No one will ever know! This can also help with productivity, because you’re able to work in the place that will most support your learning.

It works around your schedule; you don’t have to work around it

In a similar way, online learning works with your schedule, rather than you having to work around it.

When you’re committed to showing up at a physical location for a class or course, there’s the chance you’ll have to shift your meal times, find child care for specific times of the day, ask for time off from any other jobs you have, or rush from appointment to appointment.

Online learning gets rid of all those barriers, allowing you to work on the class or course whenever it’s convenient for you. Rather than being forced to sign-in at a certain time each day or week, you can work around your other commitments, work, and energy levels (which can also be helpful for productivity!).

It allows you to work at your own pace

Everyone works and studies at their own pace.

If you’ve ever gotten lost while in a lecture but been too embarrassed to ask the professor to go back or repeat themselves for a third time, online learning might be your saving grace.

With an online course, no one is pressuring you to complete tasks within a specific time frame. Instead, you can repeat course material that you find confusing, ask for follow-up support on specific areas at your leisure, and/or move more quickly through sections you don’t need or already know. Feel confident in your learning by moving through course material at the pace that suits you – not the general majority.

Online learning takes into account different learning styles and methods, and allows you to work at your own convenience in a way that best supports how you learn.

It gives you more time to do the things you love (aka write!)

All of these points together mean you’ll likely save a lot of time with online learning:

  • Saved money = saved time working to pay for the course
  • You don’t have to commute anywhere
  • You can work around your schedule – fitting online learning into the spaces of your day when it makes most sense to you
  • You can move through course material at your own pace (even if you move slower, this will save you time in the long-run, as you won’t have to re-do a course or invest in something else because you didn’t fully absorb the information the first time!)

When you save time learning the material, you’ll be able to spend more time actually doing the writing and publishing your book!

You’ll also be able to spend more time (safely) with family and friends, on other hobbies you love, or working on your next project, which will likely help your physical and mental health.

Final Thoughts

Whether you require help with all aspects of the book publishing process, or just a few, we’re sure you can find your solution working with our team virtually.

There has never been a better time than right now to experience the benefits of an online publishing workshop! Get started today by visiting our online learning platform.


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