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5 Reasons To Consider Self Publishing In Canada

Self-publishing has been growing in popularity and credibility over the past five years and now is the perfect time to consider it for your own book. Self-publishing consultants, like the professionals at Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc., have been helping individuals and businesses in Canada publish professional books that are highly acclaimed. Easier than you think, self-publishing can pave the road to higher returns.

Professional Results

Self-publishing is an industry that has been growing in credibility and its authors along with it. When authors self-publish professionally, often with the help of a self-publishing consultant, they are looked upon favorably. Traditional publishers can only accommodate a small number of books per year which used to leave a lot of high quality work unpublished. Self-publishing has taken up the slack allowing a lot of credible work to reach an eager readership.
Self-Publishing Consultant

Credible Books

Self-published books have gained so much ground in credibility that they are now in competition with books that are traditionally published. Books, in general, are now being judged on their content, presentation and readability, instead of how they were published. This allows self-published books to hold just as much credibility as those that are traditionally published. Some self-published books are even found on Best Seller lists across Canada and around the globe.

Copyright Control

When you publish your own book you have the added benefit of retaining all creative control and rights. As your book becomes more popular this situation may put you in a better financial position than those whose books are traditionally published.

Set Your Own Schedule

Another advantage of self-publishing is the ability to set your own schedule. You can work as quickly or as slowly as you like while setting your own deadlines. The only one who manages your time is you.

Choose Your Team

You can choose a team like Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc. whose consultants  can assist you with all your publishing needs. As you maintain control, you can work with trusted professionals to ensure your book is professionally produced while you space your investment out over time.

If you’re considering self-publishing or have an idea for a book, reach out to the professional consultants at Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc. to get you started on the right path, provide instruction and encouragement, and assist you with all your publishing needs to help you Professionally Publish Your Canadian Book – So it is worthy to compete!


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