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5 Ways Public Speaking Leads to Self-Publishing and Authoring

A self-publishing public speaker has more advantages than one who is not. If you’ve been considering publishing a book as a public speaker but wondered if it would be difficult, the experts at TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. can demonstrate that it’s easier than you might expect. Here are five ways public speaking can lead to authoring and self-publishing.

1. Your Research Is Done

Often the hardest part of publishing a book is getting the research done. As a public speaker you already have a lot of material that is ideally suited for a book. A lot of your writing is actually done in your slides, handouts, and infographics.

2. Easy Content Conversion

Book design and layout become simple by selecting pre-set styles via the TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. Book Design Studio. You’ll be delighted to discover how much of your public speaking material might be book-ready or how easily an editor can help you bring it together quickly. If you have questions, help from the experts is only a click away.

3. Another Opportunity For Income

Publishing a book allows you to earn income from book sales. And best of all, you can earn over and over again on the same material, instead of trading presentation time for earnings as you would do per speaking event.

4. Back-up Revenue

There are times when you can’t attend in-person public speaking events. Inclement weather, illness, and the current pandemic all restrict your ability to speak publicly. Book publishing offers you another revenue stream that supports you when your public speaking cannot.

5. Increase In Publicity

From social media validation to securing new public speaking events, having a published book may open more doors for you. A published book is viewed as a hallmark of achievement and having one might gain you both more exposure and more work as a public speaker.

Public Speaking Authoring

If you’re ready to take the next step in your public speaking career and publish a book, reach out to the experts at TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. Offering a wide range of services from their fully Customizable Book Projects and/or Design Studio options to Online Workshops, TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. provides you with the help you need while allow you to maintain as much control of your work as you desire.


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