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5 Ways Self Book Publishing in Canada Helps Authors

Self-publishing in Canada and around the globe has become a popular trend that offers many benefits to the author. Whether you’re writing a book for the first time or you are an established writer these five benefits may entice you to try self-publishing – and you can do it all from the comfort of your own #PhysicalDistanced home/office!

Creative Control

One of the most spectacular benefits of self-publishing is that you get to maintain complete control over your book. Traditional book publishing in Canada involves having an author sign a contract that may limit their rights. With self-publishing, your rights belong solely to you so that any future developments of your book, e.g., other formats, movie, series, etc., is controlled by you.

Set Your Own Schedule

In addition to creative control, self-publishing allows you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. If you’re not feeling particularly creative one day you won’t have to force your writing, to stick to an imposed deadline. Additionally, if you finish your book quickly, you can get it out to market quicker too.

Higher Royalties

By avoiding traditional book publishing in Canada you also avoid limiting the percentage of book sale proceeds that you receive and ultimately you can end up making more money on each sale. Traditional publishing houses might leave you to receive only a few cents from each copy of your book that’s sold. Generally, for print books, traditional royalties only run at about 8%-15% sometimes with tiered thresholds. When you self-publish, you only need to pay for your expenses and the rest of the money is yours to keep.

Choose How You Market

Where and how you market your book is another element of self-publishing that remains under your control. Traditional Canadian book publishing companies can require you to do book tours as part of your contract and can dictate how you interact with your readers. Performance of your book could also affect royalty percentages and future book runs. Many self-publishers find that interacting with their fans on their own terms is a much more fulfilling way to promote their books.

It’s Trendy

Never before has it been a better time to self-publish. Favored by many well-known authors, self-publishing has gained a very good reputation. Readers are just as likely to purchase a self-published book as a traditionally published one.

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