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A New Tool in the Business Line-up

An amazing but often overlooked addition to the marketing tools for companies and businesses is a book. What treasures of information and knowledge could be shared with clients and potential clients to help expand your business reach, or support your clients, employees and/or stakeholders in a different way?

Small Business week, generally in the fall, might look a little different this year. So perhaps having something more substantial that your company could offer online would make sense. Think about adding a book to your Business Line-up to give your business something unique and lasting to offer!

Businesses can enhance their customer interactions, online engagements or even one-on-one video consultations by offering a companion book that provides deeper insights, additional case studies, diagrams and visuals that further instruct on key concepts. Make your book part of the overall package you are offering potential clients, a discounted add-on to services, a giveaway for attending a webinar, or a thank you for taking the time to talk with you. Whether in print or eBook form, the additional value gained from offering a credible resource can set your business apart, as long as the content is worthy.

Case in point, Carpedia International Ltd. created a unique and informative series of leather bound books providing key concepts in developing business strategies, based on newsletter articles previously created. Easy to read, each ‘concept’ in the book is framed with a relevant image, short passages to explain the concept, all bound in a beautiful leather cover. They have offered the books (or access to a flipbook edition) as thank you gifts to their clients – a useful, meaningful and permanent reminder of the expertise they received and/or could receive from Carpedia International Ltd.

Laurie M. Martin, CTS, author of the successful ‘Life Interrupted – Greater Success by Managing Life’s Toughest Moments’ has been speaking throughout North America since 2005. As part of her speaking engagements (recently virtually), she references the book in her talk and always has her physical book available to send out and/or the digital copy can be purchased online. Participants can then refer back to her talking points with their copy – providing a well-rounded and engaging learning and/or consulting experience.

Lynn McLaughlin, author of ‘Steering Through It’ is another speaker who offers online forums, podcasts and more. She has her printed book, eBook, and even an audiobook ready to support her consulting business.

Laurie Goodman launched a movement with her ‘Life Messages’ series. By creating a certain style and throughout four publications (that had very different specifications) maintaining the same look, feel and messaging, her audience had no doubt they were following the right path and the inspiration continues to support a growing community. Laurie’s current Life Messages book project: ‘She’s Not What She Used To Be’

Other examples such as Audie McCarthy’s book ‘Networking Edge’, which included a companion workbook that allowed participants to physically answer questions and/or complete exercises. As a collective resource, these two books provided the learning gleaned from the business book with the further enhancement of bringing the concepts into practical use.

Our TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. site has more information on services to help you develop and publish your business book. Contact us to explore opportunities.

For information on this year’s Small Business Week (18-24 October, 2020) – has information about events, along with stories of resilience.

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