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AWAA (aka A Word About Acronyms)

Something FUN to get us going for 2020…

This article by The Art of Marketing Inc. had us ROFL*. It’s SO true! Not only have we had to do the ol’ Google search to figure out the next new acronym that comes along (FOLO* comes to mind from a few year back), especially on social media, we’ve also found ourselves scratching our heads when there are multiple interpretations of an acronym – often tied to a specific industry or generation (this writer always knew CPP meant the government’s Canada Pension Plan, but now it could also refer to a company providing retirement/life protection plans). Love it or hate it, acronyms have become part of our current language but, in writing, it is important to keep a simple practice in place so you don’t LYA*.

For any writer – be it non-fiction, business or organizations, make sure when you are first using an acronym you provide the full definition first or in brackets following (Here is your first Call to Action (CTA)). Then use at will after that but with a bit of caution. Unlike our little bit here – the reader will appreciate understanding from the start rather than having to search out and or find the definition at the end. And don’t be tempted to treat your formal writing like social media or texts – acronyms for business names (KFC* anyone?) or technical jargon are a great way to shorten often repeated terms but when used in place of commonly used phrases, BTW*, can result in prose that is disjointed and difficult to follow – and may leave the reader feeling you aren’t serious about your topic. And remember – an acronym that seems well known to you – might not be to your readers!

On that note, GTG*!

* So, did you know or guess correctly?

ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing

FOLO – Fear of Losing Out

LYA – Lose Your Audience – okay, this was our own creation LOL!

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken

BTW – By the Way

GTG – Got to Go

Looking for more definitions, see


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