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Join In – Add Credibility

In the past we’ve written a few articles about getting involved with your peers, the author community, and building credibility, not to mention getting paid royalties collected by certain organizations on your behalf (if you/your book qualifies). Here’s a brief recap, some with links to past articles. But don’t stop here, research yourself – based on your genre and interests, see what groups you can find.

Writers Union of Canada used to only accept traditionally published authors as members. However now qualified authors with books meeting the strict criteria are being accepted. “Eligibility for membership is determined using a points system that recognizes professional publication in a variety of formats and commitment to craft.”

“It’s important to note we have not simply dropped the gate,” added Heffron. “TWUC membership criteria has always maintained it is not ‘easy’ to become a professionally published author. This vote is simply a recognition that the gatekeepers for this accomplishment have changed somewhat. The publishing industry remains a central arbiter of professional authorship. TWUC is now taking up the responsibility of gate-keeping as well.” From Press Release by Writers Union of Canada

Information on self-published book awards.

Groups for children’s book authors:

Possibly, royalties collected on your behalf: (if you qualify and sign-up)

  • Access Copyright represents Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers.
  • Public Lending Right (PLR) Program sends yearly payments to creators whose works are in Canada’s public libraries.

Other articles of similar nature:


NOTE:  TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any aspect of the above listed companies/links. These are provided solely for general information. It is your responsibility to investigate in detail and make your own personal decision before engaging with any/all sites, entities, providers.


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