Amazon Advertising – Advertising Campaigns for the Author

If you are looking to expand your marketing efforts and have already set your book/eBook up for sale on the Amazon platform, here is a little more background info to help you get started:

Amazon basically offers 5 advertising options:

  1. Sponsored Product
  2. Sponsored Brand
  3. Native Ads
  4. Video Ads
  5. Product Display Ads

The first four are either geared to those registered as a Professional Seller or are professional, multi-product companies (i.e. generally requires significant budget). As most of our authors are registered as Individual Sellers on Amazon, we will focus on the 5th option – Product Display Ads. If interested, however, you might want to have a look at this article for some further information/tips on the first two types of advertising.

Product Display Ads – if you’ve ever searched on Amazon, you’ve come across these ads. For example, when you search on a specific book – at the side or bottom, you’ve probably seen a book of a similar genre highlighted – these are ads that will appear in various display areas on the Amazon platform and will, if clicked on, bring interested parties directly to your detailed page, generally on a cost-per-click basis. The design for such ads is automatically created by Amazon but you will be required to provide a headline and logo (restrictions apply). Targeted ads require some thought as to how best to reach your audience – via their general areas of interest or your product (i.e. a memoir book, a children’s book, carpentry). But note – there is work involved – both in campaign setup considerations and the bidding (auction) process to land your campaign – the higher the bid the more likely you’ll get prime ad location. Minimum and maximum budget settings help control your overall spend though. Learn more here.

But does advertising end with the sale? NO!

As pointed out in this Hubspot post, you can certainly ask those who buy your book(s) to provide a review by:

*remember CASL applies – be sure to allow opt-in/out

By the way, the article offers up this little known but helpful tip for a bit of free advertising:

HubSpot Tip: Share your social media accounts on your Amazon brand page and product listings to build your follower list.

But before running any marketing campaign, whether on Amazon or elsewhere, be sure to investigate and research your available options – it will save you time, money and, let’s face it, stress, if you are armed with a good knowledge foundation. Hubspot offers a free (they do request some contact info) Advertising Plan Kit that can give you a jumping off point.