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Are print books relevant?

Over many years, the book industry has evolved.

Statista, already in2019, said 675 million print books were sold in the US alone – and sales of other formats would continue to rise.

Plus, given physical distancing, reading (online or print) is another way for people to receive information or relax. As we all know, online ordering has also expanded.

There are many ways to publish books, some of which the Statista article refers to (though not in Canada). However, for a business in Canada, local resources can help with efficiency and cost-effectiveness for book publication and production.

A book is a great way to communicate! What is the preferred reading format … for clients, staff, shareholders, etc.?

We found it very interesting to read the article, which indicated that print is still very relevant!

Here are our key ‘take-aways’:

  • We retain more by reading printed materials
  • We are more relaxed and/or prefer reading printed materials
  • We are worried reading electronically might be damaging to our health
  • We are more easily distracted when reading electronically
  • Print books are not going anywhere soon!

If TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. can help your company put together a book, produced locally, please contact us.


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