Are your books in the National Library?

Legal DepositEach book published in Canada is required to be submitted for Legal Deposit. Library and Archives Canada collects copies of these books to put in the national library collection and this collection becomes the record of the nation’s published heritage. Library and Archive Canada (LAC)’s collection is available for the public to use.

Legal Deposit applies to all Canadian Publishers (that means you too self-publisher, even if you only print a few books). See note below regarding bonus for doing this! It also applies to all types of book publications, in all mediums and formats. When a publication is received, a description of it is entered into LAC’s online database, which can be searched by anyone through AMICUS Canadian National Catalogue. Another way that people can find your book!

GREAT RESOURCES ~ More information on Legal Deposit

BONUS~ When your book is in the library system, you can sign up for PLR, which pays eligible authors royalties!