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If you are currently working on a book – no matter what phase – you may find yourself more distracted than usual given the extraordinary circumstances in which we now find ourselves. Many of you (and our teams) are facing unsettling times – working from home or having others now at home, which may be a new experience for many – comes with its own challenges of self-discipline, meeting deadlines and juggling multiple distractions. And particularly at this time, your day may be compounded by personal stresses of work security, child and/or parental care and other concerns. We hear you – we’re facing the same ourselves. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do more than you can reasonably do – it will wear your down emotionally and physically and that helps no one.

Now, more than ever, take some ‘me’ time – actually schedule it into your day – to recoup and re-energize. A cup of coffee and a book, a quick walk around the block – whatever makes you feel recharged – do it (while maintaining physical distancing, of course)! And remember it’s okay to say ‘no’, it’s okay to say ‘I need more time’, and it is certainly okay to say ‘‘I need help’. Start by prioritizing – including personal well-being – and take each day as it comes.

For your book, keep a notepad handy to jot down ideas/thoughts as they come to mind, to refer to when your have time – it will keep your writing, planning, etc. more efficient than trying to concentrate at the keyboard amongst the ‘noise’. It’s a great time to also work with an editor to really take the time to polish your manuscript and/or your designer to craft a unique look and feel for your content and cover…create a virtual office and stay connected to your publishing team.

If you miss getting out in the community – events, speaking, book signings – try a virtual book tour or social media chat. Invite your book club to meet online.

Common catchphrases that have come out of this unprecedented situation are ‘we’re in it together’ and ‘we’ll get through it together’ – so very true and so very Canadian. And, please know we are here for you, we are still your dedicated team.

Be well, be safe and take care!


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