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Authors – Try Something New!

Since some things may be on hold while we all give each other physical space, it is a great time to try something new – get creative!

Here are a few examples:

1) If you’ve written a business or fiction book, maybe you want to take a break and do something totally different and creative in a whimsical way – take your mind off the everyday and build a unique world of adventure. Check out our online workshop for Writing and Publishing Children’s Books.

2) Podcasting is going mainstream said Forbes. And it’s also a tool that a lot of authors are starting to use. Whether supplying valuable information, how-tos, or introducing people to your fictional work, it might be an interesting next step?

Search online for instructions that suit you. We found an article* on podcasting at that seems pretty straightforward, which talks about the following:

  • the cost and effort required to make a podcast
  • what equipment you’ll need
  • how to pick a topic
  • how to record episodes and distribute them
  • how to maximize your chances of success

Here’s a site* (also mentioned in the article referenced above) that seems to offer some free services: 

3) Video conferencing – Do you have a reading group or book club? Could you start one? Send an invitation and suggest that everyone get their coffee, grab their book copy and chat online via such as Skype, Facetime, What’s App, Zoom or other favourite video application* or even via conference call as many cell phones have ability to link in callers -:)

4) Or, just learn more about book publishing. Booknet Canada offer this eBook watching party, which has lots of interesting information.*

*Disclaimer: TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. has provided this information for general knowledge purposes only. It is important to us that we provide relevant, accurate and up-to-date information and we do our best to review credible sources and ensure information is current at time of article publication. However, it is each individual reader’s own choice and responsibility to review information independently, particularly where there are links to other sites, to determine what specifics are applicable to them and/or if services mentioned suit their needs. The information provided by TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. (and its operating businesses), in no way implies an endorsement, relationship or connection by or to the entities referenced.


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