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Print on Demand (POD) versus printing locally in Canada – which makes sense for you and your book?

One of the biggest trends in publishing – particularly self-publishing – is Print on Demand (POD) which simply means that books are printed as required versus having to store books for future sales. It does allow for broader distribution, but you can be giving up control of quality (books are printed on presses in, or close to, the origin of the purchaser), and incurring possibly higher shipping and/or foreign exchange when you order copies for yourself. And, of course, depending on the distribution channel, a percentage of your profit from the sale. But if you like the idea of having a printed copy of your book available world-wide and don’t mind losing some of your profit, this might be the best option for your book.

Printing locally in Canada may mean you will have to pay to cover the initial book run and store the books (books should be kept in a clean, dry, and warm environment to maintain their optimum condition). However, if you have a good supplier that offers proofs, you can be more assured of the quality. You can often order short runs for local events, will be paying in Canadian dollars and generally save on shipping.

So, what makes sense for you? We suggest a balanced approach – set up on multiple avenues and make sure to set up accounts under your publishing entity.

  1. Have a local/Canadian supplier ready with a press set-up, so you can run off a small supply of books for events such as – book launch, marketing copies, friends/family, speaking engagements, book signings at community book stores or events, and for selling from your website.
  2. Also set up avenues that offer world-wide distribution but can be selective about where your books will go. Be sure to set price appropriately for best royalty and market value.

Contact us to discuss the best strategy for you.


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