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Book Publishing – A Primer

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Our blog is packed with helpful tips and information on how to get writing – making it great by editing and polishing design – getting it published and spreading the word that it’s available – it can be a lot to digest  –  so here’s a quick recap of relevant posts  –  just in case you missed anything along the way!

Getting started  – sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do but with a little planning, lots of imagination and dedication – it can be quite fun! Check out:

Does writing a book seem like an impossible task?

SEVEN TIPS to block writer’s block – #1 Stop!

Creating Your Story

Making it great – professional editing is an often undervalued step in the journey to book publication – we can’t stress enough how important a review by a professional editor will make a difference to the final product and it’s reception by readers – see:

Edit it

Why is professional editing extremely important?

Editing Basics

Edit Faux Pas

Professional Design – what makes a book standout from the get go? Design – a captivating cover and clean page layout with attention to details (white space, headers/footers, content components, visual ‘movement’). Cover design – especially for online purchases and eBooks – can be the deciding factor on whether someone looks further at your book. There are some steps you can take to help your designers create the best product possible – see:

Getting your manuscript ready!

#1 thing to do when publishing a children’s book

Production – you don’t want to take all the hard work of writing, editing and design to be wasted on inferior end product that won’t last. Whether through a traditional publisher or via self-publication, make sure your final book is something to be proud of – you’ve earned it! These posts explore these aspects and more…

Ready, set, go … publish!

Self-publishing – where do I start?

Pricing Your Book

Marketing – now the fun really gets going – spreading the word (or should that be ‘spreading your words’?). Whether word-of-mouth, speaking  or workshop engagements, consignment sales in local bookstores or other merchants, online (website, Goodreads, or other), marketing can take many forms – and how much or how simple – is entirely up to you. But as with any product for sale – the more awareness there is, the more sales you’ll make. Check out the ‘Marketing’ category on our blog for many tips to find ways to get your book from the book shelf to readers – including:

Holiday Book Sales

Are your books in public libraries? … how to get them there!

Marketing My Children’s Book

New to Social Media?

Getting Started 2.0 – There is of course, lots more on our blog – search around and find the information that’s key to where you’re at in your publishing journey & stay tuned for information on our soon to be released learning site – BEL Learning Publications ( See also:

Enter the realm of creation!


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