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If you are serious about publishing your book professionally, book a 30 minute info-session phone call to discuss your project with one of our consultants to see which option(s) for service/support would be the best fit for you. First have a look below at the options available.

Custom Approach

Looking for a tailored approach for your book publication project?

If you are willing to invest a little more for additional resource time, we can provide personalized guidance, managing the project for you beginning to end via our professional services that will support your self-publishing process.

Although each project is different and costs are defined before work begins, authors should budget $3,500 to $9,500 depending on services required and complexities of their content.

Do it Yourself Approach

Perhaps, to save on costs, you are hoping to do more of the work yourself but need guidance to work through the process and along the way – we offer consultations and email supports to help guide you for select aspects, and also have online tutorials that include video presentations, and downloadable tools and templates to assist in learning how to professionally publish your book.

An efficient yet professional approach

Our ‘Design Studio’ has been developed to quickly and cost-effectively place your finalized text into professionally prepared layouts. Similar to picking fixtures for a new house from modelled choices, you pick from set styles for layout of your book pages and cover. Layouts are adjusted to present your text in optimally readable, clean format!

Looking for a different approach? Let’s chat…

Please note, all our options provide personalized support and foster ongoing community for the author with which we work. If you are simply looking for a quick print or low-budget solution, our services likely aren’t for you.

If you are interested in a professional support, book your 30 minute info-session phone call now!
Timeslots available are limited.