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Canada Book Consumer Survey (from

In a recent email (3/29/2021) from they say: “In 2020, 33% of Canadians bought a new print book, 32% borrowed a book from a public library, and 31% didn’t acquire any books. When we look at where these buyers ended up purchasing books, 64% were bought from an online retailer or an app and 23% at a brick and mortar bookstore. What made buyers decide to purchase a new book in 2020? The book’s content, price, and availability.”

The email goes on to show, in chart form, that most often readers purchased a new book in 2020 because they were interested in or liked the subject, the description of the book, that it was a series, and fourth a low price or special offer. Other reasons included: recommendation/review, library doesn’t have it, like/support the author, like the main character(s), it was a best seller, read extract/looked inside.

Check out part one and part two of the Canada Book Consumer Survey series on the blog to find out more about the language considerations and context that will help you better understand the information, and read all the detailed information on such as:

What formats and subjects did they buy? Where were they buying their books? Why did they buy them there? Why do people read and what factors influence their decision to pick up a specific book?

Updated 1APR2021 – here’s Part Three. Where did they buy and borrow books? Do borrowers buy more books compared to buyers? What role does the library play in book buying? Read the blog for the answers to these questions, and more.

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