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TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is celebrating 19 years today!

Please scroll through and click links in July news, as there is lots of good information for everyone!!

In between our posts for authors, you will see lots of posts in this newsletter that might not be applicable to you. (We went back into our Kids for Kids Books(TM) Young Author Publishing Adventure Program to find and share #free writing templates with parents at home, trying to work with their children. The templates were previously used in many schools and TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc., under its division Kids for Kids Books(TM), published over 50,000 students in school collections.

Another year has passed and what a year it has been?! A huge thank you to our clients, associates, colleagues and team members! We have the most amazing clients – the best #authors in #Canada! And, our #team of #bookpublication managers, #editors, #illustrators, #designers, print and ebook #production experts are second to none!! Not to mention all the amazing #books we helped #writers professionally #selfpublish Canada. TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. @trimatrix4books is heading into its 20th year 🎂 How can we help you #publish your #book professionally Canada #writingcommunity?




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