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Children’s Books – imaginatively write & publish

Our theme this spring is Children’s Books. After all some of the great activities for Spring Break and the lockdown extension that has kids at home for longer than usual might include:

  • reading wonderful books by Canadian authors – get the kids involved in looking for local gems by searching together for ‘children’s book/ authors ‘your town’ ‘your province’ and purchase from their website or online retailer … some great stories yet to be discovered are written by local authors!
  • making books with your kids – use a note book, scrapbook or plain paper, let them pick a theme, and have them draw or photograph things or activities (or find interesting household recycle items, which could become such as a spaceship with a little tin foil), then write a little chapter about each one and make it into a book
  • writing a book yourself – we are parents too and we can picture the chaos, funny moments or adventures that maybe beg to be written into a fun story. And, taking a short break to focus energy on an creative endeavour might even relieve a little stress!

Stay tuned on social media** as we share Tips for Writing Children’s Books throughout the month of May, from thinking about your readers and subject matter to readability suitable for your audience.

Another great place to start is with our online workshop: Write & Publish Your Illustrated Children’s Book! Tutorials include professional online support, and links to several tools and/or templates for you to download. For a limited time – $200 off the regular price (see coupon code on Illustrated Children’s Books page at

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