Competition anyone? …getting your book recognized

open book with sparkles flowing outThere are more ways to get your book recognized than just focusing on best seller lists.

Have you thought about entering a competition?

They key is to read the requirements carefully to make sure your book is a good fit, also read all the fine print about deadlines, if you win what happens, etc.

Many competitions allow self-published books now, as the quality of and so respect for indie published books has risen.

A few things we’ve seen required, for some Canadian awards, include such as:

  • stories must be original
  • books must have an ISBN
  • published in printed format
  • be distributed in Canada

And, it goes without saying – if you wish to compete – have your book professionally edited, illustrated (if applicable), designed and produced.

Check out this link on the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

Let us know of any other Canadian awards or competitions that self-published authors can enter? And let us know if you enter your book title!

Disclaimer: TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is providing this information for general knowledge purposes only and is not associated with the noted event/award/prize program. It is the individual author/self-publisher’s own choice and responsibility to review all terms and conditions before registering &/or participating.