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Custom Support.

We work with experienced and first-time authors to help them self-publish their books professionally.

Our teams have been in the business of book publishing for almost two decades and we follow a process similar to traditional publishers – our authors consider us their publishing team and feel assured with us supporting them through the book publishing process.

But the support does not stop there…authors become part of our family and we are there for them with ongoing assistance. Even those working with us years ago feel comfortable emailing or calling with a new question or about their next book.

And, when more help is required to such as implement marketing strategies, work on administration activities, consulting on approaches, or creating support materials – help, at extremely reasonable rates, is just a click away. Here are some examples but feel free to email us if you want help with something else and let’s discuss.

Pricing here is just to give you an idea of average costs. Specific pricing will be communicated to clients, once actual work requirements have been discussed. Rates are subject to change without notice.


$125 /hr

Inspiration and guidance – brainstorming ideas and strategies for marketing, helping make a plan for implementation, instruction, information and community.



$250 - $750

Building your author platform – a place where readers can find you, learn about you and what’s happening with your book. Getting to know you is part of the process for building readership. Get started with a basic website and add-on if/as needed:

  • Home page
  • About author
  • Book information and where to purchase
  • Articles and events
  • Contact form

Flat fee quoted based on requirements

After site design and set-up, you will be able to manage your site yourself. However, if you need help, assistance to change and maintain is only an email away. Contact us to discuss and we’ll confirm resource time required ~ $45 /hr

Marketing materials.

$75 /hr

For events, to keep books top of mind, to introduce yourself at events, meetings, social interactions, whereever you go and/or your audience is, on- and off-line marketing … infosheet, bookmarks, postcards, posters, etc.

Contact us to discuss and we’ll confirm time required.


News Release.

$225 - $375

Press release creation and distribution with reporting.

A press release shouldn’t just announce your book – it is here! Press is all about news, current events, and valuable information. One of the keys to a good news story that distributors will pick up is that you are on topic for their audience and make it easy for them to simply copy what you provide.

There is a certain knack for all this and we have professional people who can help:

  • It starts with research
  • Key message development
  • Story ideas (why the public would care about topic/author)
  • News release writing and/or editing
  • Optional backgrounder (could include author bio, excerpt from book, review, images)

NOTE: Once your News Release package is completed, you can add it to your website, send it out to media, print it to take to events, etc.

Broaden your reach.

In the online world today, there are people who have the attention of many others. Besides review sites and publications that have opportunities for advertising, there are other people possibly talking to your audience. How can you connect with them, help them and in turn they help you get the word out?

You can research and reach out – the personal touch is important – and you can do as people used to do connect, talk and see what mutually beneficial endeavour might be able to be organized.

But if you want help and maybe want to hire influencers; then we suggest you be ready to budget $425-$675 and contact us to discuss.


Other Support.

How can we help? It’s not cookie cutter here, let us know what you need help with and we’ll see what we can do.

Contact us today and we’ll get back to you with ideas and support information.

Print On Demand (POD).

Once we’ve helped you create a professionally completed book that you can be proud of, you have those first books in your hand, and now you are thinking of expanding. Talk to us about POD and broader distribution offers.

We print short to long runs in Canada – truly one book to thousands at economical, competitive pricing – Canadian dollars, and if you are local, possibly without shipping or other cross-border charges, you own all the rights and revenue comes directly to you, 100% royalties. Having a few books on hand and/or quickly ordered is a life-saver when you have a local event, workshop, etc.

And, it doesn’t have to be all or one choice … contact us to discuss your options.


Ongoing Support.

We are here to help you along your entire publishing journey and as you expand your reach.

Relevant, helpful articles are as close as our blog and we’re active on Facebook, Twitter, YoutTube and Pinterest.

Do It Yourself

Through the TRIMATRIX platform, BEL Learning™, you can access our online tutorials, Publish Your Book Professionally, Write & Publish Your Illustrated Children’s Book!, Marketing Your Book With Purpose – each tutorial includes video presentation, downloadable tools and templates, and online support for your specific questions – allowing you to go at your own pace, at your own convenience!

Custom Support

Because every book publication project is unique, we provide each author with a personal experience and provide support based on authors’ needs and know-how.

We are here to help, so please reach out to let us know what you need!

Contact us now!!