Designing Landing Pages

Landing pages can help you land your audience. Even better, you can create multiple pages for specific purposes!

For example:

Engage purchasers – Start with a clear title and include a concise message that explains what and why, then invite engagement … Start Today!

Grow your list – Offer something of value as a free gift, let them know they’ll get relevant and interesting info on a regular basis (specify timing).

Sell products – Include a detailed description (specs, size, etc.) including why they must have this item now. Is it on sale, limited edition?

Advertise events – List all the important info (date, time, location, map) and let them know why they should join the party, fun, learning opportunity.

Put your thinking caps on … there could be lots of specific ways to use landing pages. Designing different ones keeps your engagement fresh.

A few more tips:

Your newsletter provider might have landing page functionality or you could check out:

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