Does the general public care? Only if you talk to THEM!

character figures illustrating news reporter and photographerPRESS KIT tips…

Make it news worthy if you want reporters, and ultimately your public, your audience, your potential readers to take interest!

Make it easy for reporters to use content as is, well-edited, not marketing, educational.

If you feel that you could be a good source for a relevant article, you might want to check the Help A Reporter site. Be sure to read all the fine print and follow the guidelines!

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Company Info

Author bio (including professional photo)



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Collect Examples

Every time an article comes out about you, keep a copy in your kit. Ask the publication for permission/ about guidelines for posting a copy on your website. If the article is posted online – link to it. Make sure that you credit the source!


BOTTOMLINE ~ Know your audience & what they care about! Ask yourself: Is this the publication they read and/or the audience that this publication sells to?!