Does writing a book seem like an impossible task?

Image: Dmitrich66 & addan

You have a great idea for a book but the thought of getting those ideas somehow corralled into a book seems impossible!

Well, it is easier than you think!! It is all about breaking it down into easy to manage dumps of thought.

We’ve been in the boardroom with senior executives, in classrooms with kids from 5-13 years, and consulting with individual business owners. To the amazement of those involved, in fairly short order, they had their content captured ready for edit.

The key is to draft the framework first…like an architect drafts the blueprint for a house. Whether you are doing a children’s book, business book, novel, mystery, etc. or a multi-faceted corporate communication ~ it is actually a very simple process to coral your ideas, thoughts, information into a book or communication ~ if you draft the framework first. Then it is sort of like filing in the blanks, the rooms of the house … it gives you a container in which to put your ideas. Plus, helps you focus on your audience – who is living in the room? your reader? (bringing your book into their lives)

After all, why do people buy books?

7 Steps:

  1. Focus on your audience
  2. Find the problem you are solving
  3. Create your blueprint
  4. Determine the capturing technique that works for you
  5. Dump your content ~ just put all that content, type/record, etc. as content comes to mind into your blueprint/category buckets
  6. Edit; then print & edit; get someone else to read through and note questions/clarifications
  7. Last read through by you…after all you are the author…any last tweaks should be yours!

What works for you? Please let us know by commenting below…