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Get Kids Writing! with Fast-forward Authoring Templates, by Kids for Kids BooksTM (KfK Books) – a division of TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc.(TRIMATRIX) – is sharing FREE templates and examples of how to get kids engaged in writing. While at home, working with your children/students #PhysicalDistancing, having #FUNwithkids, looking for ways to help with #LearningActivities ~ Enjoy!

Download the Fun Happenings Template.

Listen to this PODcast for an example of how to use this template:

If you missed the instructions and explanation regarding how these Fast-forward Authoring Templates work – you can find information in the first post/Episode 1: GET KIDS WRITING! – Introduction

You can also read more in our article:Benefits of Writing With & For Children in Canada. Plus, download our free Telling Stories…Together book for more ideas – scroll down on our Online Workshops page.

Kids for Kids BooksTM Young Author Publishing Adventure Program published over 50,000 students in its school collections, so we know these Fast-forward Authoring templates work! With often only one school period to work with the students, we needed to move fast, and the kids really liked seeing their writing come together so quickly as well – it hardly seemed like work! (The editing part was completed after all the creativity was captured-:)

While TRIMATRIX doesn’t offer the in-school program any more, we still enjoy encouraging kids to write and advocate for literacy programs for kids and adults. And, of course we are delighted to work with many talented adult authors to help them self-publish their books in Canada!

Set an example for your kids, write your own book!!

For hands-on help, contact us to discuss your book. Interested in learning a little something yourself? …check out our online workshops.

Have a great read, write, rejuvenating Canada summer!!