Get kids writing, then they’ll read!

Colourful book covers of books written by kids for kids
Artwork engages students to write & read ~ pictures start the process, writing ensues, published book of peers is incentive to read with enthusiasm ~ kids know what kids like to read & they love reading works by their peers!

Start with a drawing! We’ve worked with grades Daycare (18mths) to Grade 8. And, I have to tell you a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least some with younger kids)! Today’s generation is video, images, and music to some extent (and, by the way, we’ve always been more visual than any other learning style).

Our KfK Books Reps have been in schools! Getting kids writing and engaging them in reading. And ‘picture first’ is such an amazing key!! We had kids writing amazing stories in one period; they were even astonished that they could accomplish so much in so little time.

Parents/Teachers  – try this!

IMPORTANT RULE ~ no critique – let their creativity flow, lots of time to edit later!!

Once story is on paper, then you can look at mechanics … (spelling , grammar, flow) … after all, that’s how your favourite authors do it!!