Get paid without selling your book

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Make sure to note these dates – February 15 to May 1 & December 31 – and register yourself and/or your book!

Registering by these dates provides a couple of opportunities to get paid by lending your book (through libraries) or licensing copying. Besides being a Canadian citizen, there are eligibility criteria for each program. We’ll provide an overview here and a few tips, along with links to the PLR and Access Copyright sites so you can get the latest details and sign up. It is free to register and you may just get a payment in the mail or by direct deposit. Many of our TRI Publishing authors have signed up and are receiving payments annually in regard to their print books (eBooks are not eligible as yet).

The Canada Council for the Arts distributes annual payments to Canadian authors through the Public Lending Right (PLR) Program as compensation for the free public access to their books in Canadian public libraries. The period to register your book(s) is February 15 to May 1. This is not just for authors – you can be an author or co-author, an illustrator or photographer, a translator, an anthology contributor, an editor (certain restrictions apply).

PLR payments are based on the presence of an eligible book in one or more of the public library catalogues selected by the PLR Commission for its annual sample. Payments for eligible books found in the libraries sampled are usually issued in February. It is an annual cycle, e.g., book registered Feb-May 2017 will be considered during the calculation period the beginning of 2018 (the following year). This measures the circulation during the year following registration and then subsequent years after that (you only need to register your book title once and it stays on the list).

Be sure to check Canada Council for the Arts – Public Lending Right Program for full details.

TIP ~ The important thing is to register during the period specified, otherwise you have to wait a whole year and maybe miss out on some payments. You can sign up here to receive an email reminder of the opening of the registration period for the PLR Program.

**Updated 16Feb2018**

Access Copyright looks after managing licensing, collection of licensing fees and distributing royalties to writers and visual artists. Each year, eligible affiliates receive a share of the Payback payment depending on how much they contributed to the repertoire of works licensed by Access Copyright.

You must register with Access Copyright by the end of the previous year for your work to be considered for payment the following year, e.g., if you register (become an affiliate of Access Copyright) by the December 31, 2014, you will be eligible for Payback payment in 2015 (for books published from 1994 to 2013, a period of 20 years). The dates are respective of their collection process, i.e., research and calculation based on a full year, timeframe to gather monies from copying entities, etc. Payback payments are issued in November.

Be sure to check Access Copyright for full details.

TIP ~ Make sure you sign up by the end of the year. Also,although they do not require a specific list of titles/works, they do ask for annual reports on creative output. It is important to complete these reports (claim regarding any new publications for the year(s) requested) to help with their calculation of your Payback payment.