Have you ever been in a submarine? … storytelling is all about the sections of the picture

Drawing of kids in submarine

A story has parts, segments of activity that make up the tale. For students, sometimes it’s easier to start with the whole BUT break it down to build the whole story.

By taking a look at “snapshots” of the whole picture – pieces of the puzzle – they can really focus on the details!

If kids look at the picture above, they might see just what’s there.

But break it into pieces… LITERALLY cut it up into pieces!Pic breakout

Have your students look at one piece of the ‘puzzle’ at a time (you can use an actual puzzle with big pieces if you like).

Pic breakout-1What does the periscope do? What does it see? Is there a miniature fish swimming in that seaweed? Of course, I think I can see it! It is camouflaged….it is really pink,  purple and really flat but it is just hiding right now.

Pic breakout-2How fast is the propeller whirling? Does it make a noise? Can they make it go faster? Does it scare the fish away or cause waves in the water? Does it blow bubbles or send jets out the back? Swoosh and churn… away your sub goes!

Pic breakout-3Where are you sitting…on comfy chairs, in astronaut-like seats, or your couch like at home? What do you feel as you whoosh through the water? Is it warm or cold. Who is with you?

Depending on the age-level ~ just leave it up to the kids to describe each piece of the story(board) OR ask questions.

The kids (and you) will be amazed at how much there is to the story when it is all put together … just like seeing the complete picture when the puzzle is finished!

How did this work for your child or class?