Health and Wellness important key to surviving Covid-19

As the article: How Real People Are Staying Connected During The Coronavirus Pandemic by Elizabeth Gulino (posted on Refinery29) says:

“Humans are inherently social creatures, so this change has thrown off more than a few of us.” It goes on to say, “The collective stress we’re experiencing as a result of COVID-19 may also encourage a certain camaraderie.” Elizabeth comments further that people may even, in some cases, be connecting more often and in different ways, and it might be a good time to experiment to find the best mode of communication for you during this time of physical distancing.

Things had starting to open up, one could remain socially responsible and with some distance, start to see people to some degree. However, recently we are seeing positive cases on the rise again. Taking another look at how one might use different connection tools might help, while possibly opening up other avenues for connecting with people.

Why not continue to try new means of communication? You might find an even better way to reach your audience!!