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First readers have to know your book is there, find it, want to buy it, trust you/the site enough to purchase, and be able to buy it right then and there.

We’ve previously talked about how people find your site and all of that still holds true – search words that help search engines* find your site/book, content on your site that helps readers get to know you, makes them feel you are trustworthy, your book is good, it is easy for them to purchase and payments are safe, etc.

Here’s an article on getting your website in shape that touches on some of the key points we’ve also mentioned in previous blog posts.

TIP: Make sure your website is accessible for people with disabilities. By such as adding image descriptions. More information here.

*Search engines, such as Google, also have facility for Ads to help direct people to your site – read more here.

Websites are particularly useful if they have a landing page with maybe a video, content that is relevant to people landing there and the same page has immediate and safe access to purchase book – directly linking from an Ad that has convinced them the book is right for them, a website address you gave them at an event, or perhaps including an incentive such as a discounted rate offering or free giveaway, etc.

Having said this, since you are in the business of book sales, we are going to focus on one of the major online sellers where you can build your market via a trusted seller. While you can learn from some of the Google Ad principles, Amazon operates on a different spectrum, i.e., while Google is interested in getting people the most relevant information, Amazon is interested in getting people to the most likely product that they will buy.

3 factors in Amazon’s ranking algorithm

  1. Conversion Rate – Converting a browser to a purchaser. Some examples of factors affecting conversion include customer reviews, quality of images and pricing. So make sure your book cover image is presented well, you have reader reviews available and your pricing is competitive with other similar books on Amazon.
  2. Relevancy – After gathering product hits based on search terms, Amazon sorts those by relevance factors (best match to search) before considering displaying your book’s product page as a result for a given search term. Some of the things considered include your book title and product description. To help, make sure your title, including subtitle, has been entered along with a good detailed description (including keywords!) which will give readers, and Amazon, a clear picture of what your book is about/how it matches what ‘your’ intended readers want.
  3. Customer Satisfaction – Like most sellers, Amazon considers that it is better and easier to sell more (a number of less costly items, with an account where people keep coming back) to one customer than to have to convince initial customers to sign-up and/or purchase more costly items. Ranking factors here include seller feedback and order defect rate.

The above factors have been adapted from an article by and you can find out more here:

You may also find this reference useful for general information on Amazon Selling:

NEXT UP … Paying Per Click advertising on Amazon.


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