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Growing Ideas Into Books®

You’ve got the content; we’ve got the roadmap.
TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. can support you from A to Z, right through the entire publishing process.


Books provide a presence!

Partner with professionals that have extensive experience and can take on the project management for your book publishing project.

Small Businesses

Books provide a recurring source of income and less time spent explaining the basics (over and over).

You likely have an endless source of information, let us help you determine how to easily transform this into a book to take respective activities out of your day.

Individual Authors

Make your book idea a reality.

Starting a book project might seem scary but with a qualified guide you will feel comfortable and learn.

Self-Publish with Professionalism!

SERVICES to help you publish your book PROFESSIONALLY

Self-publishing authors are inventive, determined, energetic, active participants in the book publishing journey.

We have worked with hundreds of authors over the past many years and it has been our privilege to have been their guides and help them produce thousands of books.

As the new normal offers more distance and self-sufficiency, amid rising costs, we have been working hard to find ways to support authors with more learning than doing it for them (the old adage: teach a person to fish…).

Learn, grow and professionally self-publish your book, while controlling your budget.


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Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc.

Founded in 2001 as a successful communication and production consulting company.
While working with clients and organizations, the company saw the need for a set of special, personalized services to help Canadian companies, businesses and individual authors …