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How does your audience perceive communication?

Well… we were on LinkedIn earlier this afternoon and just have a quick scroll on Instagram, but this morning there was a meeting on Zoom and, of course we had to check email, voice mail, and snail mail (yes still getting lots of this!).

Meanwhile, we discovered an interesting article from a few years ago but so relevant now! In the article titled: How are tech and new media changing the way people relate to each other?, which we found at, the writer says: “We live in a world where we can do almost anything with a few taps of a screen. Dozens of objects – phone, camera, flashlight, calendar, photo album, TV, ATM, shopping cart, white noise machine (I have trouble sleeping okay) – have been reduced to a single, palm-sized device.

This is true whether you are sending or receiving! Recently, taking on some new social media and looking for some facility to help with images, we discovered for this particular facility that one can’t do much with the computer-interface version, full access is only available by mobile device, most of which fit in the palm of our hand. Who would have thought we’d be so tied to these devices?

But the true message of the article, we think, is the writer’s  statement: “But in so many simple ways, we are forgetting whom we are communicating with, which is to say people and not screens.

With COVID-19 forcing us to do even more virtually and the many other things we have on our plates (like childcare between financial reports or schooling between web meetings), it is easy to lose sight of the person(s) we are talking too (even if we are seeing them on the screen). We didn’t say people but person(s), the individual(s), not a sea of faces on virtual meeting forums. A person recognizes your communication when they understand how it affects them. You need to truly envision with whom you are intending to communicate and meet them where they feel the value of your communication, amid the chaos they are also experiencing. Or, like the article we found says, pick up the phone every once in a while and talk specifically to the person with whom you wish to communicate.

Stay safe and well Canada!


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