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How to Write a Novel and Self Publish in Canada

There are many paths to becoming a self-published author in Canada yet they all start with choosing what to write. A lot of potential authors never move forward because they fixate on what they should write. Write whatever comes into your head (do not edit!) just record your ideas, concept, story descriptions – the bits of the story that you will connect later on. Write from the heart and share personal experiences, connect with your audience!

Authenticity is Key

While the core of your book needs to be authenticity, you can also incorporate aspects that your target audience would enjoy if you intend to publish your book. Identifying a target audience that is most likely to align with your story will help you to keep that strong sense of connection with your readers and throughout your book. One way to do this is to create realistic characters that could represent any one of your target audience members. Ensure that you know your characters inside and out so that you can write realistic reactions to plot twists with which your readers will empathise.

Getting Started

It’s often useful to create an outline before you start writing. An outline can help you keep track of the plot twists as well as your characters’ development. Start out with a sentence at the top of your outline that summarizes your story. Let this sentence be a test for your story. Does it clearly define your protagonist and their goal? Is it compelling enough to deserve a whole story? If it is, it’s time to play out your outline. Plan the details of your story chapter by chapter or by plot points. Choose what works for you and you’ll have a good overview of where you’re going in your writing and your characters journey.

Write First, Edit Later

Whether you choose to write in stolen moments or plant yourself at a desk and let the words flow for long periods of time keep your focus on getting the story out first. Worry about editing later. Allowing yourself to become distracted by grammar and spelling while you are in your creative phase can damper your spirit and slow your progress. It’s a best practice to get your first draft completed and then edit it.

Reach Out For Help and Inspiration

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