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Interview with author of “The Dog On My Head”

Dog reading bookThis story came to life as a silly game I played with my nieces and nephews when they were quite small. We had a little brown beanbag pup that they would put on my head and we just made up little stories about him. The pup would sometimes slip off my head or be on one of their heads. Just silliness.

The main character in a sense represents me with the pup on my head. The characters friends represent each of my nieces and nephews, Adam, Ben, Michael, Jordan, Zack, Erin and Heather. Their names in the book are based on nicknames from when they were little. Bert the pup’s name came form a nickname I had for my nephew Joel who died when he was 16.

Gail Miller signing her book "the Dog On My Head"I think what I like about the story is that sometimes magical and wonderful things can happen to us and we cannot explain why. Children seem to have a way of just accepting these things and not questioning it. What a lucky boy to just have a pup appear on his head – we can’t explain why but what a wonderful thing to have happened to him on a Tuesday.

Gail lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband, step-children, a cat and a dog that is much too big to sit on anyone’s head. Spending many hours with her nieces and nephews sparked her imagination for her first book “The Dog On My Head.”

More information about “The Dog On My Head” can be found on Facebook.



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