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Is it time to Repurpose Your Podcasts?

drawn image of hand holding phone with sound icon going out to network of heads representing peopleAs an indie author, we know you are always looking for new ways to expand your reader audience and some of you may have dipped your toes into podcasts ~ usually brief, much like a blog post but in audio format.

A podcast might be just you speaking about an aspect of your book/life/area of expertise, or perhaps it is part of an interview, as Lynn McLaughlin (author of ‘Steering Through It’) did recently with Silverton Audio Podbean: Steering Through It ~ A Chat with the Author and  Narrator.

And podcasts can be a marvelous and personal way of enhancing your author journey and allowing your readers – and potential readers – a chance to get to know you. Held on a podcast platform, you can embed links from your site or social media platforms.

But once it has its initial viewing, over time interest may wane. Some may fall upon it at some point (especially if your metadata is well positioned) but wouldn’t it be nice to repurpose the material that you spent time and energy creating and see it work for you again – on social media?

As many of you know, social media is more and more about the visuals – the app HEADLINER allows you to take your audio and easily create visuals for your social media platforms. As popular Canadian tech guru Amber Mac recently pointed out she loves to use this tool “to turn podcast clips into social media videos.”  If you have the rights &/or permissions and source files to your podcasts, this might be a great tool for you get your previous efforts working in new ways.

Learn more via Jen Lehner’s post: How to Repurpose Audio Content for Social Media and Beyond


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