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Keep your Seller Central account active so you can keep selling your books!

Further to our recent post on Kobo accounts, some recent activity has shown that also wants active sellers on their platform. It is not a ‘set-up and forget it shop. Make sure to login on a bi-monthly or monthly basis and check the health of your Seller Central account.

After logging in – first check for any notifications. If there are any, you will see a flag in the upper left just beside the Amazon logo:

If you hover the cursor over the flag or click on it, it will tell you where the notifications reside – i.e. ‘Performance’, then go to that tab and look for ‘Performance Notifications’ in the drop down. Check the messages – they will alert you to potential issues that may impact your ability to sell, add new products, etc. Make sure to take action before this happens to avoid any surprises down the road.

If you don’t understand what a message is telling you, don’t despair. They have extensive online help and you can also contact them via the Help screens.

In addition to performance issues, you can also review your inventory status and check your monthly statements for payments owing, charges pending etc. by reviewing the ‘Reports’ tab. Make sure to review regularly and, if any issues should pop up that you need to resolve, search and /or contact Amazon Help.

To sell books on any platform and in any venue, you must be actively engaged – make sure you are not limiting your ability to sell by letting your accounts (Kobo, KDP, Amazon, etc.) go dormant or become restricted.


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