Keeping readers on your site

When writing a post, you should set your links to open in another window so readers don’t click off your site at the beginning of your article/post (i.e., if you have a link at the beginning of the post that goes to say, Facebook, when people click that they now see the Facebook page and your site is gone). Clicking the back arrow gets people back to your post but some may not do this. However, closing a newly opened window will leave them back at your site page with your post still showing.

1) In your post, click on your current link and then click on the ‘pencil’ icon in the box that appears above your link:

image showing screenshot of first step in setting 'link to new tab'

2) Then another little box appears – click on ‘gear’ icon to get to edit ‘link options’:image showing screenshot of second step in setting 'link to new tab'

3) Make sure the box to left of “Open link in new tab” is ticked & click ‘Update’:image showing screenshot of third step in setting 'link to new tab'

Illustrations above were taken from our website.