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Look inside the book

Well, you are browsing books you’d like to read and thinking about marketing your book…

As mentioned in last week’s post, as it is now, we are helping authors mostly with the set up of their book titles on IngramSpark.

Apparently, there is a facility in IngramSpark to setup the ‘look inside the book’ feature on Amazon. If it wasn’t available when you set up your book title or you missed it, IngramSpark provides instructions and information here regarding how to add ‘look inside the book’, which is one important aspect to helping readers possibly decide to buy your book!

Other aspects to consider:

  • great book cover that catches readers’ attention and gives readers a sense of your book
  • amazing book description that engages readers so they want to read your book and are compelled to buy your book
  • reviews by credible sources
  • setting competitive price (and having a listing on retailers where their shipping discounts can be applied, e.g., super saver shipping, to alleviate added costs; which, it appears, distribution via IngramSpark provides with listing picked up by their retailer-partners)
  • if you really want to be in bookstores and are marketing well in the vicinity of those bookstores, and thus, anticipate increased volumes of sales – set discount to maximum and allow returns so stores may pick-up your book; however, be aware of how discounts lower your margin and the cost to you for book returns


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