Maintaining Your Store (WooCommerce)

If your website has been setup with WooCommerce – the online store that manages your product inventory and orders, this guide includes a video walk-through, as well as reference links (at the bottom of the post) for those who prefer to read.

NOTE: For any tax information that may be required to set-up WooCommerce/your online store, consult your accountant regarding your specific situation!


This is helpful, if you only need certain information and want to skip to that part of the video.

// Updating Products

Editing an Existing Product: 0:47
Including: product description, categories, product photos, price, sale price, weight and dimensions and managing inventory

Quick Editing a Product: 5:55
Including: categories, price, sale price, weight and dimensions, stock availability

Adding/Duplicating New Product: 6:32

Product Categories: 8:14

// Orders

New Orders: 8:56
Including: order details (customer billing/shipping info and contact), order notes

Updating Order Status: 9:55

Adding Tracking Number: 10:33

Manually Creating an Order: 11:23
Including: entering customer information, adding products, applying shipping charges and applying a coupon code

Refunding an Order: 13:22

// WooCommerce Settings

Updating Your Address: 14:34

Shipping Options: 14:51
As mentioned in the video, you will need the following API username and password to setup the Canada Post shipping plugin:

API Username:  633819c2e826a31c
API Password:  6b2c3a9e8142cef03df2f7

Payment Options: 15:58
Including: updating email address for PayPal or eTransfer for email money transfers

Coupon Codes: 16:38

Shipping Providers: 19:20


Prefer to read?
Here are links to documentation directly from WooCommerce, which provides informational and guided instructions on maintaining your online store.

*Helpful Tip – some articles may contain additional links to further helpful resources.

Adding and Managing Products

Managing Orders


General Settings (updating your store address)

Setting up Shipping Zones

Payment Methods – PayPal

Payment Methods – eTransfer
(email money transfer)

Coupon Codes