Making your book more widely available ~ global selling ~ Amazon Marketplaces

Is expanding to other Amazon Marketplaces right for you?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. [Forbes – Dec. 29, 2018]

So you might say: Why not start expanding my market to other Amazon Marketplaces?

A few things to consider

Amazon Marketplaces

screen shot showing map of amazon marketplaces

Amazon Global Selling ~ Marketplaces in Americas / Europe / Asia-Pacific

You will need to set up your Amazon selling account for the online marketplace where you want to sell. Even if you already sell in one Amazon marketplace, you will need to create a new seller account in another marketplace. For example, if you sell in the United States or in Japan and want to sell in the United Kingdom, you need to create a new Amazon seller account for

TIP: If you are on a Professional Selling Plan you have access to a ‘unified account’ facility to manage listings within a given marketplace.

Unified Account

When you sign up as a Professional Seller (or convert your account to Professional Seller) you will have access to sell on US, Canadian, and Mexican Amazon marketplaces through a North America Unified Account. This will enable you more easily to share product listing information and manage your inventory consistently across all three marketplaces. For all per-item transaction fees, sellers will pay the fees applicable to the marketplace in which the item was sold. If you’re a Professional Seller, you will only be charged one monthly subscription fee for selling in North America. [Similarly, with just one account you can reach customers from all across Europe with our five EU marketplaces (,,,, and and manage all your listings and inventory via the one Professional Selling account in Europe.]

Individual vs. Professional Selling

Compare Selling Plans to find out which one is best for you.

Fulfillment by Amazon

While this incurs storage and pick/pack fees, along with regular fees, it might be a solution:

Review the fee schedule to see if you think it is worthwhile for you: Fulfillment Fees