Marketing My Children’s Book

bins of childrens booksMarketing can be daunting for some, a pleasure for others but all it takes in some thoughtful planning and a willingness to get out and meet your audience!

Initial steps could include ~

PRESS RELEASE: Do you have a Press Release written and posted on your website?

PUBLICATIONS: Where can you contribute a relevant article (on or off-line)? What about local mini-magazines (free and available at least a month in local shops, offices, community areas, etc.)? Blogs with a teacher audience?

MARKETING MATERIALS:  Handouts, bookmarks, colouring sheets, flyers to announce author visit, etc. – takeaways that can, in advance or after, remind potential purchasers about your books.

SELL SHEET: For providing information about your book to potential sellers, events, etc. & to include in your Press Kit – have a Sell Sheet (one page) for your book. Book Sell Sheet Example

ONLINE: Keeping your online presence active adds credibility and can lead to surprise connections (you never know who might read your post).

Get involved in online happenings, such as family literacy day, read aloud, etc. For example, here’s a link to a video of author Christina Saliba reading her book Gabby Goes to New York City for World Read Aloud Day.

Don’t just post on your social media, get active on other relevant sites as well – comment on Blogs, like Facebook pages, get involved on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. – Keep it ‘relevant’ to the …topic at hand & where ever appropriate make sure your tagline (i.e., author name, book title, contact info) is included (or link to your site).

Listing on book sites such as Goodreads provides another opportunity to showcase your book. If you do something like a free giveaway, you have the potential for all the people who apply for such to receive information on your book. Read about the success of Kathleen Gauer’s giveaway for her children’s book ‘For No Reason‘.

AWARDS: Have a look at awards – they could be an opportunity to broaden your audience – but read the details/rules* & regulations carefully!

For example: If you win, announce it! Here’s an example of how one of our authors showcases their well-deserved and celebrated award

REVIEWS: Consider sending your book for a review. These publications cover resources for children and young adults. Here are some links and general details.* CM Magazine reviews of books and other materials that are authored, illustrated and/or published by Canadians and that are produced for/of interest to children and adolescents. Resource Links Magazine reviews and evaluates Canadian English and French resources for children and young adults.

We are pleased to provide these handy forms to help you get started:

What have you found works to help get the word out? Please share via comments on this Blog post – to help other authors!

* Disclaimer: TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is providing this information for general knowledge purposes only and is not associated with the noted event/award/prize program. It is the individual author/self-publisher’s own choice and responsibility to review all terms and conditions before submitting their book, registering &/or participating.

UPDATED ~ February 5, 2018