MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #1

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

A little while ago, there was an 11-year-old boy who felt he wasn’t able to do very much. Sure, he had some good friends and they played video games and rode their bikes together, and nothing exciting ever seemed to happen.

BUT… strap on your seat belts, because the story of a lifetime is about to begin!

The boy’s name was Michael and, although he didn’t know it yet, he was going to have the greatest adventure of all time.

It all started one sunny June day. Michael had invited his friend Josh over. Josh had brought a basket of apples with him. He had not known that the salesperson, who had sold his family the apples, had gathered some of the apples from the ground under the apple trees. What the salesperson didn’t know was there were unusual minerals in the dirt and as they baked in the sun for over a week, the minerals seeped into the apples. But since the apples looked the same, he sold them to Michael’s family, pretending that they were fresh from the tree.

When Michael and Josh decided to have some of the apples, Michael just happened to pick one of the bad ones. He did not like the taste, but he swallowed it bite by bite because he didn’t want to hurt Josh’s feelings.

After they finished the apples, Josh’s parents arrived and so he had to go home. That night Michael tossed and turned, and then fell on the floor. Even though he was asleep, he held his head and felt a lot of pain!

In the morning, he felt much better and so he went to his desk to put on his hearing aid. But before he could put it on, he heard his mom call him down for breakfast. Even without the hearing aid, he could hear better than he ever had before!

When Michael finished his breakfast, he went outside to play with Josh. While he was on the porch tying his shoes, Josh took Michael’s bike and started to glide down the street. Michael wanted his bike back, so he started to run down the street after Josh and tried to grab the seat of the bike. All of a sudden, he heard a crackly sound in his stomach…sort of ELECTRO!

Michael missed grabbing the bike seat and ended up grabbing the wheel of the bike instead. Even though his fingers got stuck in the spokes of the wheel, incredibly Michael was not harmed. Josh had not been so lucky. Michael saw his best friend lying on the ground. Josh looked like a piece of burnt toast, as he was covered head to toe in black dirt.

What a shock!
What will Michael do now?