MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #2

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

Keisha loves to skate, particularly on the pond out in the back of her house. One day, the ice on the pond wasn’t thick enough and she fell through into the freezing cold water. (You should never skate on soft ice!) When she went into the water, all she could see was blue until she saw a hand reaching for her. She gulped, and ended up swallowing some of the icy water.

It was her friend Logan’s hand. Her strong friend pulled her out of the freezing cold pond. Once she got out of the water, she was warm, but Logan was cold. So they went inside the house for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. But when Keisha touched her cup, it froze. She quickly put it in the sink, so that no one would see it.

The friends decided to go to the basement, but when Keisha touched the door handle it turned blue. She thought it was warm, but her friend thought it was cold. Strange, they both thought. After a short while, her friend had to go home for supper.

That night, Keisha felt very, very cold. She ended up with 10 different covers on her bed. In the morning, she woke up on the floor. She was wrapped up like a mummy in all the covers. When she felt one of her teeth, it was wiggly. It must have gotten knocked when she fell on the floor.

She got unwrapped from all the blankets and walked to her mirror, and quickly yanked out the tooth. Just like that, as if it was nothing! She threw it under her pillow and started running down the stairs. She felt very strong and full of energy. So, she decided she would try something a little harder.
The way she felt today, she thought it was something just a little bit harder, but anyone else would have thought it was impossible!

She quickly jumped onto the stair rail and then jumped up to the ceiling. Her hands and feet stuck to it, and the ceiling became blue and icy.

Then, she pulled her hands and feet carefully away from the ceiling and dropped to the floor. The ceiling made a big crack. It sounded like breaking glass. The ice from the ceiling broke apart and showered down, sticking right into the staircase.

It was amazing!
What will happen next?