MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #3

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

Mark Whistle loved his bubble gum, orange, watermelon, strawberry, banana… all sorts of flavours. As Mark was walking to his friend’s house, he blew a bubble that was bigger, much bigger, than he had ever blown before. He kept blowing, and then, SPLAT! The bubble went flat, all over his face.

He couldn’t breathe! Then air from the bubble started to go in his mouth and he started to blow in and out very fast. He blew the gum right off his face. Now, breathing in the same air you breathe out is not too good, and he was breathing so fast and hard. Mark didn’t know it, but some of the air got into his blood and started floating through his veins and all around his body.

He picked up the gum and threw it in the garbage. He didn’t want any more of that panic feeling caused by a bubble in the face. Now, he just wanted to get over to his friend Tyler’s house and forget about it.

When he arrived, he and Tyler went to the family room. His friend wanted to show Mark their brand new TV that had all the latest features. He told Mark, “Do not touch!”

The boys decided that they had time to play the video game Pick You Up, and Drop You. Tyler beat Mark five times in a row. The sixth time, Mark finally won.

But Mark had been moving around so much, matching the actions in the game, that he took a deep breath, and then another. The third time, he barely blew the air back out, but the TV fell over, right on top of the video game system. Everything CRASHED!! The TV and the video game system lay in pieces on the family room floor.

As you can expect, Tyler’s parents were not very happy and asked Mark to go home. They knew it was an accident but didn’t want him to break anything else brand new.

What a disaster!

What is going on?