MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #4

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

Well, all the kids wondered what was going on… Michael had helped his friend Josh up and tried to dust the black dirt off of him. Josh stomped off home to change and Michael headed for school.

Keisha tried to pick up the ice from the stairs, but decided it would probably just melt and disappear anyway. So, she headed off to school.

After leaving his friend’s house, Mark decided not to go home and went right to school. He didn’t want to get into trouble for being late at school on top of what had happened at Tyler’s.

Separately, they all decided to ask around the schoolyard to see if any of their friends, or their friends’ brothers, sisters, or relatives had been having any amazing experiences recently or in the past.

They found out that some of their friends had relatives that had had something similar happen when they were growing up. One of Michael’s friends had a relative named Mark Whistler who had always had a strange way of whistling.

Mark’s friend had a relative named Keisha whose lips always turned blue in the cold weather.

Keisha’s friend had a relative named Michael who had a strange way of always shocking people a little when he touched them.

So the three wrote down the names of each of the relatives. And, later that day when they got home, they grabbed their phones, looked up each other’s numbers and called each other. They decided to meet at the school by the wall with the basketball hoop on it.

They talked and talked. Michael said he’d seen all the relatives’ names in a history book somewhere. They decided that there must be some historic connection between them and the three relatives and, to make a pact, they put their hands all up together for a high five.

AND… guess what? Electricity, ice and wind shot up in the air, way above the wall, and way above the school, all the way to the clouds!!

Shocked and excited, they decided it would be best to head home for the night and think about what they just experienced.

What was happening to them!
What would they do next?